Thursday, 27 February 2020

Lost styrofoam casting is a sand casting process where the original pattern is carved in styrofoam. The finished pattern is "rammed" (packed) in casting sand in a container called a flask. Casting sand is a fine sand mixed with oil to allow it to pack tightly. The molten metal is poured into the flask and the styrofoam is vaporized and displaced. eagle-cast aluminumAfter cooling, the sand is broken away to reveal the cast metal. The Petrobond sand used is fine enough to pick up a finger print. A value added element to lost styrofoam casting is that each pattern is hand carved. Even if the subject is repeated it will be unique as no two patterns can be identically reproduced. The rough cast piece is then finished by a variety of techniques, sand blasting, grinding, polishing and "chasing" (hammering) the surfaces of the piece.

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