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Geoff Herguth creates contemporary and classic designs for indoors and out. Original handcrafted pieces can be placed inside the home in foyers and living rooms, or outdoors in a garden, front yard or along a pathway, creating a focal point that draws the eye into the room or landscape.



Besides free-standing metal sculpture, Geoff has designed and created public art and memorials; commercial range hoods and potracks; fireplaces; wall art; various pieces of furniture; unique signage; and structural design. He has recently completed Lulu -his second boat remodeling project.



Specializing in cast aluminum, stainless steel, copper and bronze, Geoff has been designing, welding and creating with metal for over 30 years. His commissioned sculpture and signage can be found as feature decor at restaurants and retail stores along the East Coast.

Lost styrofoam casting is a sand casting process where the original pattern is carved in styrofoam. The finished pattern is "rammed" (packed) in casting sand in a container called a flask. Casting sand is a fine sand mixed with oil to allow it to pack tightly. The molten metal is poured into the flask and the styrofoam is vaporized and displaced. eagle-cast aluminumAfter cooling, the sand is broken away to reveal the cast metal. The Petrobond sand used is fine enough to pick up a finger print. A value added element to lost styrofoam casting is that each pattern is hand carved. Even if the subject is repeated it will be unique as no two patterns can be identically reproduced. The rough cast piece is then finished by a variety of techniques, sand blasting, grinding, polishing and "chasing" (hammering) the surfaces of the piece.

LuLu Too- From Salvage to Spectacular

In fall of 2009, Geoff overheard talk of an abandoned boat floating under the Casco Bay Bridge. He decided to take a ride up river to see the forsaken vessel for himself.

lulu3Aluminum Fiberglass Hybrid


What he found was a dingy, battered 24' 1973 Sea Ray named LuLu bobbing against the rocks. Although she was listing and had taken on some water, her hull was intact. Geoff claimed her as salvage and towed her back to shore. After hauling the Sea Ray to his shop, he and his apprentice Jessie began the remodeling process.


The motor was removed and the boat was stripped down to its bare hull, leaving nothing behind but a shell of the old Sea Ray. Geoff cut out the deck, port and starboard, excavated the waterlogged foam, repaired fiberglass damage on the port side, installed new foam and replaced the deck. He then added the "reverse raked" fiberglass stern increasing the overall length by 2-1/2'. Geoff and Jessie worked on and off from winter through summer of 2010. The process took about 300 hours.

Aluminum Fiberglass Hybrid Boat

That left behind boat is now a beautiful completely remodeled aluminum fiberglass hybrid called LuLu Too. Her deck has been outfitted in aluminum, a new fiberglass and aluminum helm sports state of the art steering and navigation, a toolbox and a cooler. A custom engine cover at the stern houses a D4-300 Volvo Penta diesel duo-prop drive engine and doubles as a bench for passengers. At top speed- 45 to 50 mph- she burns only 15 gallons of fuel per hour.

Geoff Welds a Stainless Steel Tuna


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Marine Menagerie

marine menagerie

Top: Polished cast aluminum and powder coated aluminum Sailfish. Bottom clockwise from left: Polished cast aluminum Octopus;  Polished cast aluminum Mermaid with Sphere; Cast aluminum  Distressed Shark;  Polished cast aluminum Swordfish.

Marine Menageriemerle5

Marine Menagerie

Marine Menagerie

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