In fall of 2009, Geoff overheard talk of an abandoned boat floating under Portland, Maine's Casco Bay Bridge. He took a ride up river to see the forsaken vessel for himself.

searay What he found was a dingy, battered 24' 1973 Sea Ray named LuLu bobbing against the rocks. Although she was listing and had taken on some water, her hull was intact. Geoff claimed her as salvage and towed her back to shore. After hauling the Sea Ray to his shop, he began the remodeling process.

searay2The motor was removed and the boat was stripped down to its bare hull, leaving nothing behind but a shell of the old Sea Ray. Geoff cut out the deck, port and starboard, excavated the waterlogged foam, repaired fiberglass damage on the port side, installed new foam and replaced the deck.


He then added the "reverse raked" fiberglass stern increasing the overall length by 2-1/2'. Geoff worked on and off from winter through summer of 2010. The process took about 300 hours.

lulu 2lulu 1












That left behind boat is now a beautiful completely remodeled aluminum fiberglass hybrid called LuLu Too.

Her deck has been outfitted in aluminum, a new fiberglass and aluminum helm sports state of the art steering and navigation, a toolbox and a cooler.

A custom engine cover at the stern houses a D4-300 Volvo Penta diesel duo-prop drive engine and doubles as a bench for passengers. At top speed- 45 to 50 mph- she burns only 15 gallons of fuel per hour.