Geoff Herguth creates custom sculpture including mermaids, fish, sharks, crustaceans, dogs, birds, and a three dimensional representation of the Maine State quarter. He fabricates decorative iron work, sculptural signage, and furniture and operates a commercial welding service providing custom repairs and restoration.

Geoff is a well known Maine artist, designer and craftsman. He is renowned for his artistic versatility and technical skill. Born and raised in Tarrytown, New York, Geoff attended Syracuse University and then earned an MFA in Sculpture at Arizona State University. Geoff has lived in Maine for nearly 4 decades. 

His work reflects his love of ocean life and is created with precise detail; rendering extraordinary representation of the subject. When he's not at his shop he can likely be found at Portland's iconic Commercial Street Pub, where hang a large and diverse collection of his life size marine sculpture.


eaglefaceoctopus 1A process Geoff often employs is lost styrofoam casting: a sand casting process where an original pattern is carved from styrofoam. The finished pattern is rammed (packed) in casting sand in a container called a flask. The sand, fine enough to pick up a finger print, is mixed with oil to allow it to pack tightly.

Molten metal is then poured into the flask and the styrofoam is vaporized and displaced. After cooling, the sand is broken away to reveal the cast metal. The rough cast piece is then finished by a variety of techniques: sand blasting, grinding, polishing and "chasing" (hammering) the surfaces.

The value of lost styrofoam casting is that each pattern is hand carved. Even if the subject is repeated it will be unique as no two patterns can be identically reproduced.

Long time friend and apprentice Quiet Sylva Bjorn a.k.a. Quiet Bear can often be found working with Geoff in his shop applying her skill as a welding assistant.